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Traditionally, high school/college mentorship programs measure the impact on their students by tracking things like:

Standardized Test Scores
Prestige of College Attendance
School Attrition Rates

Although these data are important, we believe that true indicators of success come from a more fundamental level.

At YES, we measure our impact differently.

Using the YES System for Success (our digital goal planner), mentors work with scholars to track completion of not only their academic and athletic goals, but what we call their human skills development.

6 core human skills that have proven to be strong indicators for success:

Networking/Career Exploration

Using a Support System

Time Management

Conflict Resolution

Being Coachable

Being Proactive

To use the data as a learning tool, we create data reports and visualizations for YES Scholars to better understand their progress.

Similar to how professional and high performance athletes use data, scholars use data in ways which allow them to improve their life.

To help us to better understand this unique type of data, we are receiving pro-bono help from two data consultants. 


Noah Cadet


Amanni Fernandez

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