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After graduating high school, low-income students are 20% less likely to enroll in a college than high-income students.
-National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Undergraduates who have a mentor are twice as likely to thrive after college. But only 1 and 5 have had these relationships.
-The Gallup-Purdue Index

1 in 5 students without a mentor says that's so because they don't have access to a formal mentoring program.

-Inside Higher Ed Survey, 2021

There are millions of under-resourced students who currently play sports in high school and college in the US.

 It is no mystery that students who have access to quality mentorship are more likely to find success in college and life beyond.


Applying a life coaching approach to mentorship, YES leverages education and athletics to help scholars build life skills throughout their experience in our program. 



Once accepted into the program, a scholar is connected with a mentor who is their one-on-one guide through the entire college process.


It is 100% free for all scholars.


All mentor to scholar interactions are done virtually. This allows us to extend our access to scholar-athletes nationwide.


We take a holistic approach to mentorship. Rather than focusing solely on GPA and standardized testing, we broaden our approach by teaching human skills - providing the tools and resources necessary to empower our scholars to find success in college and life beyond.


We understand the power of college athletics, but also know that playing a sport in college is not for everyone. Whether a scholar is an aspiring Division I athlete, or not sure if they want to play college athletics at all, YES helps them navigate the role of sports in their life.


Our digital goal planner guides scholars through the services they need based on the wide selection of services we offer.

Identify Enablers/Hurdles

Scholar and mentor assessment of strengths and weaknesses to consider based on goals and aspirations.

Set & Track Goals 

Map out specific action items for academic, athletic, career, and YES program goals. Build personal network through YES Volunteer Network.

Vision of Success

Demonstrated ability to take advantage of tools, resources, and support network necessary to find success in life. 

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