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YES High School Scholars

Junior Year



Official Application + Onboard Period: Accept Scholars + Onboard for upcoming fall school year

  • Begin to identify possible colleges/majors based on interests, goals, aspirations and financial need; register for PSAT.

  • Map out development for HS sport; if pursuing college athletics, mark schools of athletic interest on college list and form plan for outreach to coaches during school year.


  • Create and/or update resume; review fall progress reports with YES staff mentors; adjust goal tracking based on results; mark college fairs + college nights on calendar; Take PSAT

  • Participate in HS sport or follow development plan for HS sport


  • Create shortlist of teachers for focus on relationship building; update college shortlist with discussion on career goals; form tentative college visit plan.

  • Register, mark dates and begin studying for SAT/ACT/AP tests; mark scholarship applications for expense paid college visit programs. 

  • Participate in HS sport or follow development plan for HS sport.


  • Finalize college visit plan for spring/summer; schedule college interviews register for SAT Subject Tests if necessary.

  • Create college financial plan; attach estimated 4 year cost to all schools on college shortlist; begin to brainstorm ideas for personal statement (college essay).

  • Participate in HS sport or follow development plan for HS sport; if on recruiting track schedule campus visits and/or video calls with coaches and administrators in areas of interest (i.e. Music professor if athlete plays an instrument)

  • Finalize schedule for senior year; contact mentors for letters of recommendation.


  • Begin working on personal statement + supplements; organize financial aid information; mark FAFSA; Admissions and scholarship applications on calendar; open Common App, CollegeBoard and FAFSA accounts.

  • Participate in HS sport or follow development plan for HS sport; register for NCAA eligibility Center if planning on playing college sport.

Senior Year


  • Retake ACT/SAT if necessary; Apply to college!

  • Participate in HS sport or follow development plan for HS sport;  if necessary evaluate Post-Graduate option for recruited athletes.

  • If on recruiting track visit or revisit with coach, team, administrators in areas of interest.

  • Apply to college; review acceptance options; negotiate financial aid award; revisit top choices.


  • Make final decision before April 1; follow up with college registration and relevant paperwork; select balanced load of fall courses; plan key areas for improvement in college track with YES mentors.

  • If not playing college sport decide on health and wellness goals/action items for college; if playing in college, create and follow personalized development plan for college sport  with YES staff mentors.


  • Fill out registration forms, do necessary health visits before school starts, Transition goal setting system to college track!


YES College Scholars

Yearly College Requirements 


  • Map out taking required courses and credits needed for the year; mark all major assignments on fall semester on calendar; Introduce yourself to all professors and schedule an office visits; (if applicable) apply for work-study; (if applicable) map out a potential major.

  • If athlete participate in season + offseason requirements, if not athlete follow health/wellness action items

  • Study for fall midterms, focus on 2-3 staff/admin to build mentor relationships with 


  • Begin to study for finals, plan travel for winter break, balance course load and register for spring semester classes.

  • Mark all major assignments for spring semester on calendar;  (if applicable) apply for fellowships; (if applicable) re-apply for scholarships.

  • Submit updated financial aid information; study for spring midterms; create summer plans; apply to jobs and/or internships; plan spring break travel.

  • If athlete participate in season + offseason requirements; if not athlete follow health/wellness action items.


  • (If applicable) last call to submit updated financial aid information.

  • Balance course load and register for fall classes; study for finals.

  • If athlete participate in season/offseason requirements + plan out summer training schedule; if not athlete follow health/wellness action items.


  • Follow summer plan through goal setting system! 

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